What is Recovery?

Recovery from addiction is a journey. It is also a process. It is not an event. It is about the gradual development of hope and motivation and it is the start of breaking narcissistic thinking.



Recovery is about

  1. The full awareness of addictive disease.
  2. The full acceptance and the owning of the addiction.
  3. The early practice of non-chemical coping skills.
  4. The development of a recovery based value system.

Plans begin on building a future. 

There is a realisation that there is a difference between stopping and staying stopped.

Work starts and thinking changes

The demoralization and self-defeating thinking starts to disappear

Self-regulated recovery programs become and established part of life

The start of repairing family and friendships relations is started.

A balance in lifestyle is considered. i.e. work, leisure, stress

Adapting to change becomes a reality

Effective day-to-day coping, becomes as easy or as difficult as all other “normal” people are able to manage and this develops into further growth and development as we move through life and all its transitions. This is true acceptance of life with all its joys and faults. It is also another day free of addiction.

The restoration and rebuilding of life after addiction takes place only over time. Living a day at a time is a thing that addicted people do not like to hear but living life on life’s terms depends on the commitment to a solid recovery program. Early to middle stage recovery is a process where many succeed and also many fail. Time is the not the friend of a recovering person but acceptance and ensuing maturity that comes from time is. People with addictions these days need never go this road alone, in fact even trying to go it alone is destined to failure. Addiction needs fear and self-loathing to survive, and recovery from addiction requires that recovering people re-join the human race. People need people.


“People who need people are the luckiest people in the world”

— Barbra Streisand