Clients who are in the justice system because of drugs and / or alcohol

We are presently working within the courts supplying our services to lawyers and general public who wish to have additional representation for their clients specifically on the issue of addiction to Drugs, Gambling or Alcohol. We will work in conjunction with lawyers to enable people who are clearly addicted to drugs and/or alcohol to a rehab in a safe house for a period of up to 12 months, instead of jail. This service is win / win. Clients recover, community saves money, lawyers have successful results.

The Model itself is a Continuum of Recovery and is a seamless process and transition. Clients will enter Recoveroz Residential Housing / Recoveroz program. The program is Structured Education, Group-work, Life Management Counselling and Skill-building.

This is how we provide the service.

  • We fully assess the client not only with the usual drug and alcohol screening but also with a tool called SASSI This is the only instrument in the world that can give answers to whether clients are compliant for rehab, have mental health issues including suicidal ideation, give indications of the severity of criminal thinking and a number of other checks.
  • We present the findings to the client and to the lawyers showing the link between crime and addiction in the form of a written report which includes an addiction history and a family / social history. We then provide testimony both written and verbally in the court on behalf of the lawyers and the client.
  • If bail is successful, we take the client to rehab straight away. Rehab is always more successful when the court imposes strict guidelines. i.e. our minimum term of 3 months, reporting to police, curfews, drug testing etc.
  • Rehab begins and all future court attendances are kept. Medicals, welfare etc. are all organised.


Goals of the Addiction Recovery Program


  • Help the patient continue to maintain abstinence.
  • Make the patient aware of the relapse process, so it can be avoided or reversed quickly.
  • Assist the addict in recognizing emotional triggers.
  • Teach the patient appropriate coping skills to handle life stresses without returning to drug use.
  • Provide the opportunity for the patient to practice newly developed coping skills.


Cost savings to the Community

  • Stop the continual recycle of people through the courts for drug offences.
  • People become patients instead of prisoners. Addiction drives crime but it is a medical condition.
  • Proper rehabilitation is given to drunk and drugged drivers, reducing accidents and death.
  • People in recovery give back instead of taking. They become role models and teachers to our young.
  • People and Families begin to function again, instead of being desperate and victimised.


George Thompson, the principle of Recoveroz has been running and designing rehabs for over 25 years and has trained and resourced many of the organisations in the private sector will provide this service for $700 per week. These clients can be charged up to $30,000 in the Private system for the same material and counselling. Recoveroz will work closely with all Courts if required and will ensure compliance with any conditions laid down by the courts. If we can relieve the courts and jails of just a few hundred of people per year, who are constant recidivists through the system because of addiction, then it becomes very obvious then how cost effective and worthwhile this can model of treatment can become.


Our minimum length of rehab is 3 months but we would ideally like to see court referred people sent to supported accommodation / rehab for a minimum of 12 months. This totally gets rid of drug hunger, gets people integrated into self-help groups, reconnects back into useful work and starts a process of retraining if required. During this 12 months participants will be :


  • provided with intensive treatment and other services they require to get and stay clean and sober;
  • held accountable for meeting their obligations to the court, society, themselves and their families (we will ask the courts for this as a condition of entry to a house)
  • regularly and randomly tested for drug use;
  • required to appear in court frequently so that the judge may review their progress


A rule of thumb is that the longer a person engages with treatment on any level, the greater the chances of maintaining a recovery / drug free status. Supported accommodation houses are normal houses in the community and are closely supervised by qualified counsellors who drive the rehab program and maintain the rules of the houses.