RecoverOz Melbourne

RecoverOz is the most affordable and cost-effective rehab in Melbourne. Assisting with alcohol, drug, and gambling addiction, our Residential Rehab Recovery Program is a Day Rehab Program, Community based Suburban Living in well-maintained houses which provide long-term rehabilitation and stability.


We call the program Urban Rehab.

Cost for all below is $700 per week, and there are no hidden costs, except for people who come from the justice system when additional court appearances and correspondence will be charged for. In cases of severe hardship, an application can be made through our Not For Profit Arm, The Addiction Recovery Foundation (ARF) and a substantial reduction will be offered up to 50%. To qualify for this, a means test will have to be conducted.

The following are all included in the weekly rental charge for a place in a rehab house. Social security and rental assistance is also applied for, so clients can top up their rehab costs whilst at Recoveroz.


  • Case management for all addiction and mental health issues.
  • Case management from our specialist Addiction Doctors
  • On board psychologist with mental health care plans
  • Individual and group counselling
  • Separate bedrooms for all clients whenever possible
  • All food and outgoings, i.e. utilities
  • Rehab Program Workbook including living skills, hygiene, money management etc
  • The establishment of links with Employment Agencies.
  • Specialist teachers / facilitators for the Rehab Program i.e. grief, trauma etc.
  • Linkages for 12 Step groups / Smart Recovery, Grow groups etc.
  • Employment Service and Training Programs (if required)
  • Linkages to Legal Aid for ongoing court issues
  • Ongoing Program Handouts and support material
  • A full suite of cutting edge educational and multimedia resources used as teaching aids.



Between Jeff Lucas and George Thompson there is 54 years experience in the rehab profession.


George Thompson

George has built, commissioned the following rehabs.  Warburton Hospital, Malvern Private (founder) Melbourne Clinic,  Victorian Addiction Clinic... Click here to read more.


Jeff Lucas

Jeff Lucas has held senior administration positions at the following. Warburton Hospital, RAAF Base Richmond, Wesley Mission Counselling Services, Addiction Counselling Services Adelaide... 

Click here to read more.





Information for Court Referred Clients


Information for All Clients Applying to RecoverOz