The mind of an addict is ruled by obsession. Obsessive, repetitive, self-destructive thinking, and in spite
of the fact that you, and they, know the outcome, they will the same thing, over and over again. They
don’t need a reason for wanting to drink or drug or feel-good, they just do. They drink when they feel
good, they drug when they feel bad, it’s all the same. The biggest flawed belief of an addict is that one
day, as if by magic, something will happen which will make things all OK. Not true! And in the
meanwhile their ability to communicate to their friends and family deteriorate whilst they look on
completely baffled by their repetitive, self deluded behaviour as they boldly announce......
.......Leave Me Alone......You Don’t Understand.........I’ll Be OK.........



The brain of an addict always asks for more of the very thing that is killing him/her. This is due to the
fact that their brain’s ‘reward centre’ is over-stimulated by a natural substance called dopamine. This
reward centre or pleasure centre forms part of the old “lizard brain”, and it is so primal that it only feels
good when it satiated with food, sex or pleasure. It was our original survival brain and when your brain
is flooded with pleasure, it over-rides all logic and the addiction completely takes control. The conundrum
in all of this is that the very organ you depend upon for reason and logic, is itself hijacked and cannot
make rational decisions in relation to mood altering substances. It is a classic catch 22 situation and
this is why both addicted people and their families cannot understand why addicts keep on doing what
they keep on doing. Don’t fool yourself. You will never be in control, until you learn to stop taking the
thing that is killing you. An addicted brain cannot make a non-addicted decision.



The spirit of an addict has a totally different conception of the universe than other people. Other people
can adjust their ideas to reality. Addicts will do anything to adjust reality to THEIR ideas and needs.
Because addicted people have used for a long time, they have not matured emotionally. This is why they
cannot see outside of themselves, is why they cannot stop being narcissistic and cannot see a bigger
picture of life and its meaning. Addicts find it extremely hard to give up control, because of fear, paranoia
and a flawed belief that they can fix things, in spite of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The
worst thing about this scenario is that everyone around an addict sees how they turn everything around
to suit themselves, but of course, they cannot see this..... so......if you fit this picture above...
.........Call for help.........you need it.........