The Continuum of Recovery


The Continuum of Recovery -------- a seamless process and transition

  • Clients have a Doctor, Self or Court referral to Recoveroz Houses
  • Clients have referral to withdrawal / detox Service by Recoveroz doctor if required.
  • Clients enter Recoveroz program. Structured Education, Group-work, Counselling and Skill-building.
  • Clients enter Recoveroz Residential Housing.
  • Clients will eventually engage with Employment Service and Training Programs


Goals of the Addiction Recovery Program

  • Help the patient continue to maintain abstinence (not just stopping, but staying stopped)
  • Make the patient aware of the relapse process, so it can be avoided or reversed quickly.
  • Assist the addict in recognizing emotional triggers.
  • Teach the patient appropriate coping skills to handle life stresses without returning to drug use.
  • Provide the opportunity for the patient to practice newly developed coping skills.
  • Provide the tools for people to start and become productive members of society again.


Cost savings to the Community

  • Stop the continual recycle of people through the courts for drug offences.
  • People become patients instead of prisoners. Addiction drives crime but it is a medical condition.
  • Proper rehabilitation is given to drunk and drugged drivers, reducing accidents and death.
  • People in recovery give back instead of taking. They become role models and teachers to our young.
  • People and Families begin to function again, instead of being desperate and victimised.


This Rehab Program costs just $350 per client per week for a period of up to 6 months.

For this, clients receive the quality of rehab that is presently offered only Private Rehabs.
The Recoveroz philosophy is to offer the same level of care to ALL the affected population instead of only
people with money Private Health Insurance. You don’t see airline pilots, accountants or lawyers going on
methadone or other pharmacological maintenance programs. Just because someone has fallen through the
cracks and has ended up in the justice system doesn’t mean they self-disqualify from the best treatment for
addiction. If we are to get people to once again function in society, then we must provide the vehicle to do
it. This model of care does exactly that, and we do not discriminate because of money.