Getting Help for a Family Member affected Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling

"What can I do? Why doesn't she just stop? Every time he says he will, he breaks his promise."

Nothing is quite as devastating as watching someone you love deteriorate. Family members who have to deal with this often ready a point of desperation. They may feel that they have tried everything to convince their loved one to stop and there's nothing more they can do. But, while any decision to stop substance abuse ultimately lies with the abuser, family members and friends can help.

Working your way through

Drug abuse / alcoholism is an insidious illness that follows a predictable pattern of progressively worsening symptoms. This illness can be fatal, and yet the addict may not even know that he or she has a problem and needs help. You can help a loved one break this denial and in truth, you may be the only hope of recovery that person has. You must become knowledgeable about it, but you must have professional guidance to accomplish it lovingly and effectively. Don’t assume that you can read about it and then implement it on your own. That could be extremely detrimental for everyone involved.

Come to our regular monthly information evenings and learn the 10 things that family members can do (or avoid doing) to increase the likelihood that their loved one will obtain help.

The evening consists of the following

  • Learn the facts about alcoholism and drug addiction.
  • Don't rescue the addicted person.
  • Don't support the addicted person financially.
  • Don't analyse the person's drinking or drug use.
  • Don't make idle threats.
  • Don't extract promises.
  • Don't preach, lecture or try to reason.
  • Do avoid reactions of anger and pity.