4 Essential Things That Will Instantly Improve the Performance of Your Air Conditioning Melbourne Unit

Air conditioning is an absolute essential in today’s standard of living. It’s an appliance that you need to keep your house comfortable no matter what the season. However, keep in mind that your air conditioning Melbourne unit can only provide efficient cooling or heating as long as you maintain it regularly. By learning these four tips, you can improve the overall performance of your air conditioning unit.



Change Your Air Filter When Needed

The manufacturer will provide a manual of guidelines in which you should follow when you’re looking to change your air conditioner filter. By doing so, you will keep it clean and running smoothly. If you keep it running unchanged, the old filter will start to accumulate excess grime and dirt. As a result, this build-up will reduce airflow, slow your AC unit down, and worsens the overall air quality. To make things simpler for you; the harder your air conditioner works, the shorter its lifespan will be – not to mention the spike in your electric bills. So if you don’t want to deal with any of that, you need to clean and change your air conditioner filter whenever needed.


Utilise Shade Strategically

Does shading your outdoor unit save energy and improve overall air conditioner performance? Short answer, yes. However, you need to be careful as not to put any unnecessary strain on your unit. Any sign of strain will not only restrict airflow, but it can also make your air conditioning Melbourne unit work two times harder. If you have pets at home, consider blocking your outdoor unit with some kind of barrier that they won’t be able to reach. You can then add an overhead roofing system to help protect your outdoor unit from harsh conditions.


Keep Your Vents Clean and Clear

When it comes to vents in the house, many homeowners tend to hide them. However, this isn’t a good practice as placing your vents in tight; constricted areas will force your air conditioner to work harder since it isn’t clear. In addition, many homeowners also overlook cleaning their vents, resulting in an over-accumulation of dust and dirt. Either way, it will always result in your air conditioner not reaching its maximum potential and an increase in your monthly electric bills. That’s why you should look towards cleaning your vents regularly. At the same time, you should position it where it’s clear and away from any obstruction.


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