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Values, Problems, Solutions

We believe that everyone, regardless of who they are, and where their addiction has taken them to, is entitled to the opportunity of recovery from addiction. 

However, the public system Australia is stretched to the limit and provides very little in the way of long term recovery programs. The funding is just not there for it and the profession and workers within it, do the very best they can in very difficult circumstances. This situation has gotten much worse in the last few years with the introduction of Methamphetamine (Ice) into the community. Short term detox programs are the most prevalent and entry into long term facilities exist mainly in  T.C’s (Therapeutic Communities).  A place in one of these facilities is often 6 to 9 months wait. 

The Private system has its own set of problems. Whilst there are a number of good rehab facilities around, they exist in Private Hospitals and one has to have Health Cover to enter treatment. People with addiction problems are by nature, the most disadvantaged, and many either do not have private heath cover or have cancelled it because of guess what….money needed to pay for their addiction. The ultimate irony.  Our principle, George Thompson has been the Program Director and has founded a number of these programs over the years. He says ”private organisations unfortunately do not want to pay for expensive aftercare / follow-up and they see their business as providing patients with a 28 day program, then then letting the patients fend for themselves. Most do not, and many people then enter a phase of continuing and repeated rehab for many years.   

So both models of treatment are problematic. 

What we do at Recoveroz is provide clients with a recovery program identical to many found only in private hospitals AND long term care to go with it.  All of this is provided at minimal cost so that this program is available for anyone who wants it. The initial phase of the program is medical management and stabilisation followed by 3 months of intensive rehab. Clients can then move onto middle stage recovery where a consolidated recovery is allowed to happen purely by time itself.  This all happens in a suburban environment which they share with 4 people to a house.  Once the intensive phase of rehab is complete, clients can then stay in their house for at least 12 months.  This is all provided for not much more than a weekly rental fee. 

We believe this is the first time that a consolidation of both primary and secondary care has been attempted under the same roof. It also means that rehab, provided only by the better programs in Melbourne, are now available for all.  Clients pay not much more than a weekly pension cheque, and the standard of care is the best on offer. We guarantee this because Recoveroz and George Thompson delivers exactly the same material that has used to run the best private places around Melbourne over the last 25 years.