Mission Statement

The mission of Recoveroz is to provide a full Continuum of Care for addicted people. Addicted people will be educated to achieve Recovery which as a pre-requisite must include lasting abstinence. Recovery includes improving the patient's ability to function within their social circles, and minimise the medical and social complications of drug abuse and addiction. Like people with diabetes or heart disease, people in treatment for drug addiction need to change behaviour to adopt a more healthful lifestyle. Our treatment programs focusses on both the unmanageable and damaging lifestyles when drinking and using drugs, and the recovery from that process that will allow them to live productive lives based on dignity and peace of mind. This program stresses the necessity for effecting positive changes in also in the family system if appropriate.


We believe that when people help and assist each other, they in turn, help themselves, and idea that goes back far into history. The mainstay of treatment at Recoveroz is professionally led group therapy with individual counselling and educational programs all reinforcing the group process. The treatment process starts however with detailed assessment and detoxification under medical management and in addition to group therapy, educational services and individual therapy. The multi-disciplinary process involves stress coping skills, assertion skills, grief groups, gender groups, family therapy and education, and discharge planning and aftercare.