About Jeff

Jeff has been working as a professional in the Addiction Treatment field for a period of 23 years. During this time Jeff has taken up a number of senior positions within both Govt run Rehabilitation programs and NGO specialist counselling services, with a focus on chemical and behavioural addictions and associated trauma.



Jeff started his professional journey with George Thompson when they worked together at the Warburton hospital Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Unit during the 90’s which became a world class treatment centre of its time.

Moving to the Aust Defence Force (ADF) inpatient Alcohol Recovery Education Program (AREP) NSW in the late 90’s Jeff took up the position of Senior Addiction Counsellor and after a short sojourn with Addiction Counselling Services in Adelaide, returned as AREP Clinical Program Coordinator. One of the major improvements and change management initiatives Jeff made whilst at AREP was being commissioned by ADF mental health director to facilitate the service delivery through an extensive review and change management process in consultation with reviewer Prof J Pead, to achieve best practice service delivery as recommended by National Drug and Alcohol Research Committee (NDARC) at that time.

In 2007 Jeff took up a position with Wesley Counselling Services becoming the NSW Operations Manager for the Financial Counselling Service, Gambling counselling service, Psychological Services and Legal services associated with gambling fraud. During this time Jeff initiated funding for a Financial Literacy program and oversaw the development which went on to win an award with ASIC especially relating to the benefits for Addiction Rehabilitation clients which was a major addition to programs in NSW.

Jeff has been a regular speaker at conferences and alumni talks at colleges such as Aust College of Applied Psychology (ACAP) on topics relating to Addiction and Trauma. In 2016 he took up a semester of academic teaching with ACAP for mature aged Bachelor Students teaching AOD online and face to face classes. He also has developed Group Therapy workshops that he has delivered to health and allied health professionals working with the addicted population.

He has been a true innovative leader in this field for many years but after his little excursion to NSW for 20 years he and his wife have decided that family and home comes first and came back to country Victoria early 2017. George jokes that he waited for 20 years to get him back and he has and is now the Clinical Coordinator of the Recoveroz Program bringing back his extensive experience and expertise to help with the further development of the ‘Recoveroz Urban Rehab’ business module.

“Anyone struggling with an addictive disorder or has been affected has the right to recover, I believe recovery is not only possible but can be desirable and for that we are in a position; to do all the good we can, wherever we can and whenever we can for as long as we can”