What we do at Recoveroz is provide clients with a recovery program identical to many found only in private hospitals AND the long-term care to go with it. All of this is provided at minimal cost so that this program is available for anyone who wants it. The initial phase of the program is medical management and stabilisation followed by 3 months of intensive rehab. Clients can then move onto middle stage recovery where a consolidated recovery happens purely by time itself, and the continuing daily work that continues to be done on a daily basis. This all happens in a suburban environment which they share with 4 to 5 people to a house. Once the intensive phase of rehab is complete, clients can then stay in their house for at least 12 months.


We believe this is the first time that a consolidation of both primary and secondary care has been attempted within the same program. It also means that rehab, provided ONLY by the better programs in Melbourne, are now available for all and for a fraction of the price. If clients meet the criteria for subsidy through our Not For Profit Charity The Addiction Recovery Foundation (link), then clients only pay $350 per week. If they can afford the full fee, it is $700 per week for both rehab and accommodation.


Our standard of care, the quality of rehab, including materials, resources and staff is the best on offer for the price we charge. We guarantee this because the staff and resources at the Recoveroz program are much the same as has been delivered at some of the best rehabs around Melbourne over the last 25 years. George Thompson, Jeff Lucas and Christine Steenjes (psychologist) all worked together when George ran The Warburton Hospital from 1990 onwards and has designed and commissioned a number of hospitals and rehabs since then including Malvern Private Hospital. Between just the three of them, they have over 70 years of working in the addiction profession.


At Recoveroz we view our clients as individuals whose needs for healing encompass all the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of their lives. This holistic model of treatment is not only a great motivator for clients, it also provides great motivation for the staff to continually provide a genuine climate of caring. Our programs are also peer driven and follow the ethos of “You cannot give away that which you do not have yourself” In other words, some of our staff teach a recovery program which they themselves have walked. In order to do this, staff therefore need to be healthy, happy and free from addictive behaviour.


Although the length of many treatment programs is being reduced due to government funding and decisions around episodes of care, the extensive body of international literature that indicates real sustainable change in drug and alcohol treatment programs and they all point to the fact that recovery cannot be achieved in a few weeks of treatment. One of the best known Not For Profit Programs in the world is The Betty Ford Centre (it is not the glitzy place for movie stars as people imagine), and they now will not admit patients unless they commit to 3 months in treatment.


Recovery is a Process….Not an Event…. and it is why most short term rehab programs eventually fail.