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This site is for all people who are affected by addiction. The site also offers counsellor training and court services for people where addiction has created trouble with the legal system. Many people procrastinate because they think problems with addiction will go away. It won’t. Help is only a step away. Use this site for useful information and resources on addiction and more importantly, recovery from it.


Today, just by visiting this site, you are one step closer to recovery from addiction. As a recovery-focussed addictions counsellor, my goal is to help individuals uncover their true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating, instead of one based on shame, blame, self-loathing.

I also advise, counsel, consult and train organisations, groups and individuals working within the Addiction Recovery field.I have ran, built and designed rehabs for many years including Warburton Hospital, Malvern Private Hospital, Melbourne Clinic and others.

Alcoholism Addiction Drug Dependency, whatever we choose to call it, it creates a huge gulf between VALUES and BEHAVIOUR. Many alcoholics will tell you that what they DO is NOT who they ARE. Further, addiction is a brain disease and this illness forces people to behave in ways that they themselves feel is abhorrent. This is why they often are full of self-loathing. When addicted people learn that it is not their fault, but it is their responsibility, then a solution becomes apparent. It gets people out of self-blame and into a solution. It is the only way to start experiencing a fulfilling and meaningful life.

“Alcohol is in bottles… alcoholism is in people.”

I have been involved in addiction counselling / addiction support for over 20 years and during this time I have helped alcoholics / addicts and their their families with all sorts of addictions. With this length of experience, I can provide individuals and companies with informed and expert counselling support. I am an active Clinical Member of the Australian Counselling Association

During the last two decades I have built, worked in and ran addiction rehabs. This means that as well as working with people who suffer from addiction, I can also provide other professionals with the tools to implement best-practice structures and procedures using the best program materials available today.

One of my specialties is working in crisis management. I have worked in many difficult situations with addicted people and their families to get people into treatment. This is sometimes called Intervention and I am happy to work through any situation to help to get a result for both the family and the person requiring treatment.

If you want to help to stop drinking, help to stop using drugs, help to stop gambling or any other form of addiction that is causing problems in your life, call me.